Ava de Bara creates music at the intersection of mysticism and realism, tension and release. She was created as a way to transcend inner identifiers and freely express, tearing at limitations built by genre, sexuality, locality, the self... Spacey, genre-less, bold, and with a lot of guts. Ava will take you through compositions that unite the contemporary pop world with crowned jewels from the past–already situating herself in the grand archive. Listen carefully.



Ava De Bara - Why Can't You Love Me - single artwork.jpg

Why can't you love me? Heartbreak turned upside down. Delusion after departure. Watch and listen to it all dissolve into one spacey, west coast-feel trip.


Ava De Bara Artwork Mariowit.jpg

Ava de Bara’s breakout single “Fame” marks the beginning of her musical journey through genre-less time and space. This song sonically represents a complicated relationship that may be inevitable. Its tension and release, built by strings, poolside rhythms, swelling harmonies, and dusty guitars, is the mirage you want to bathe in at the beginning of this new year. Ava has been reborn, and so have you.

Ava De Bara - Enough - single artwork.jpg

Enough is Ava de Bara’s second steamy, punchy, to-the-point single, and is a clear awakening to the breadth and depth of her music style. Releasing itself on March 12th, listeners will find another technicolor path to traverse, another sonic conjunction to chew on, and another burly conflict to ponder. Can it be enough? Are we enough?

Ava De Bara - Be The Reason - single artwork.jpg

Roll the windows down, put your shades on, and drive off the pain. In Ava de Bara’s new single Be The Reason, funky bass, melancholy lyrics, and tickled keys all combine to transport you back to that conflicted lover. You burned each other down, you brought each other back, you danced circles around each other, and it was good, and bad. This song is for the one who left you on the side of the road… or was it the other way around?


Fame // Ava De Bara